Are Whistleblowers Protected From Retaliation in VA?

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Many employees work in environments where they don’t have to worry about unlawful or dishonest behavior. However, at times, employers and other higher-ups at companies will break the law, typically to save time or cut costs–and often at the expense of their employees. This is unacceptable, and fortunately, there are some brave employees who report these injustices so they do not continue to impact the company and its workers. These whistleblowers can then be retaliated against, which can have a significant impact on their careers and lives. Please continue reading and reach out to our Chesterfield County whistleblower protection attorney to learn more about the protections Virginia offers whistleblowers from retaliation and how our firm can help you.

Does Virginia have a law protecting whistleblowers from retaliation?

Fortunately, it does. Virginia’s whistleblower law states that employees may not be retaliated against for reporting a violation of the law or refusing to take part in a criminal or illicit act. You should understand that, as an employee, if you participated in an investigation or inquiry into a company that is suspected of wrongdoing, you should also be safe from retaliation from your employer. Additionally, employees who cooperate with governmental bodies or law enforcement agencies by testifying or providing them with information regarding an alleged violation of the law by their employer should also be safe from retaliation. Not only are employees protected from retaliation under Virginia law, but they are also protected on a federal level, under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the False Claims Act, and potentially other statutes.

What should I do if I am retaliated against as a whistleblower?

Unfortunately, despite the various state and federal protections afforded to whistleblowers, employers will often still retaliate against them. Some of the most common forms of retaliation that we see include docking pay, change in duties, demotions, blacklisting, and even wrongful termination. If you reported an injustice in the workplace and were retaliated against in any of the aforementioned ways, you should speak with an experienced Midlothian employment attorney. We help employees who’ve been wrongfully retaliated against for simply doing the right thing, and we are prepared to assist you as well.


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