Can I Sue My Employer For Unpaid Wages?

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If you believe that your employer owes you money, you do have some legal options. A Chesterfield County wage & hour law attorney can help you figure out the best way to pursue any unpaid wages and hold your employer accountable for any deceit or deception.

How Can the New Wage Theft Law Help Me Pursue Unpaid Wages?

Making a complaint to the U.S. Department of Labor is one way to recover unpaid wages. This agency’s Wage & Hour Division can do an investigation and determine whether or not you are owed money. If you are, they can make sure that your employer pays you.

However, the state of Virginia also recently passed a collection of laws that give employees a variety of protections and options for when they need to sue an employer for unpaid wages. People can now sue their employers when they are owed unpaid wages. The law also protects employees from potential retaliation at work after they have filed a complaint.

If the employer is found to have kept wages from their employee, they will have to pay all wages owed, eight percent pre-judgment interest, and liquidated damages equal to the wages owed and attorney costs. An employer must also pay a civil penalty to the state treasurer.

Is There a Time Limit to Sue for Unpaid Wages?

It is always in your best interest to act quickly in a case like this because the state will limit how long you have to pursue action. You must begin the legal process within two or three years of the date when you first noticed that your employer had failed to pay you properly.

Do I Need an Employment Attorney?

You are not required to hire an employment attorney, but having one by your side can make all of this a bit easier. A seasoned employment attorney can answer your questions and let you know how recent changes in the law can affect your claim. You can also be sure that the employment lawyer from our firm will fight for the best possible outcome at every stage of this process.

It is also important to remember that, under the recently passed state laws, an employer also needs to pay for your attorney fees if they are found to be withholding wages from you. So you can get the legal expertise needed to make things right, and you do not even have to worry about a lawyer’s fees if you win.

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If you believe that your employer owes you wages and they will not pay up, it is time to exercise your legal options. Contact Passero Employment Law and set up a consultation. This is the perfect way to learn more about what an experienced employment lawyer can do for you.

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