Can My Employer Change My Work Schedule Without Notice or Consent?

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If you do not have a consistent work schedule, you probably already know how annoying it can be to have your shifts suddenly changed around or taken away. This messes with your time and finances, but are employers actually, allowed to change things at the last minute? Unfortunately, employers do have most of the leverage when it comes to making the work schedule for employees. However, if you think that there is something else to your work schedule changes or that your employer is treating you differently for another reason, then you may want to talk to a Chesterfield County employment discrimination attorney.

Can an Employer Change the Work Schedule at the Last Minute?

For the most part, your employer does have the final say over your work schedule. They can drop you from a shift. They can suddenly decide to schedule you on what was previously a day off. There is not much you can do about this in most jobs.

Are There Any Rules That Can Prevent These Types of Changes to My Work Schedule?

A recent trend has led to the establishment of “predictive scheduling” laws in some areas. Most of these laws have been passed at the city level and give workers with an inconsistent schedule some protections that they did not have before. The rules can vary, but employees who get their schedules suddenly changed on them can generally expect to get paid extra.

Unfortunately, neither Richmond nor Virginia has passed its own version of predictive scheduling. So, for now, employers do have most of the power when it comes to your work schedule.

What if I Suspect That I Am Being Discriminated Against?

There is one thing to consider though. If your schedule is constantly changing and you never get the “good” shifts, start to think carefully about the other behavior of your superiors. If you suspect that your work schedule problems are part of a pattern of discrimination against you, then it may be worthwhile to speak to an employment lawyer.

How Can an Employment Lawyer Help Me?

An employment lawyer is there to help workers whose employers have violated laws and regulations. If you suspect that you are being discriminated against at work and believe that these scheduling mishaps are part of it, you may have recourse.

If your lawyer also suspects discrimination, they can help you file a claim with either the Virginia Office of Civil Rights or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency. These agencies can investigate and see if anything is amiss at your workplace.

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