How Common is Discrimination in the Workplace?

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Unfortunately, workplace discrimination continues to be a major issue. According to a recent survey, 46% of employees said that discrimination could be a problem in their workplace. This was in 2022. We like to think that things are getting better on this front, but there is still a frequent need for a Chesterfield County employment discrimination attorney who can navigate the complaints process and help workers hold their employers accountable for their actions.

Which Types of Employment Discrimination Are Most Common?

According to recent statistics, some of the most common types of employment discrimination include:

  • Disability
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation

There is no excuse for discriminating against employees based on any of these qualities. If an employer is treating a worker differently due to one of these qualities, they need to be held accountable. If they are allowing other workers to treat a co-worker poorly because of one or more of these qualities, they are also responsible for that.

What Are Workers Saying?

If you ask workers about workplace discrimination, the results are worrying. According to those surveyed:

  • 45% of workers have experienced age discrimination
  • 42% have experienced discrimination based on sex or race
  • 24% of Hispanic and black employees report feeling discriminated against in the last year
  • 35% of Native American workers have heard slurs in the workplace
  • 90% of transgender employees have experienced mistreatment, harassment, and violence

How Can I Report Employment Discrimination?

If you are discriminated against in the workplace, you can report it to either a state or federal agency. The Virginia Office of Civil Rights handles complaints like this, as does the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (or EEOC).

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

You are not required to hire an employment lawyer when you file a complaint with the Virginia Office of Civil Rights or the EEOC. However, you should be aware that this initial complaint you file can make all the difference. If it does not contain all of the necessary information or if it is not convincing enough, that is basically it. There is not much else that you can do to get one of these agencies to reconsider your complaint.

An employment lawyer can make sure that your complaint is convincing and guide you along the next steps in this process. Your attorney can also answer any questions that you have and keep you aware of any major deadlines. If you want to hold your employer accountable, an attorney can help you with that.

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