How Long Will I Have to File a Workplace Sexual Harassment Claim in Virginia?

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. Often, victims of workplace sexual harassment feel embarrassed or too frightened to report their harasser. This is entirely understandable, however, doing so can put an end to the issue and help keep your workplace safe. Additionally, there is a time limit in place for sexual harassment claims, and if you miss this deadline, you may lose your right to bring a claim. Our firm has extensive experience representing clients who’ve been made victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, and we are here to help you as well. Read on and reach out to our Bon Air employment attorney to learn more.

How long do I have to file a workplace sexual harassment claim in Virginia?

In the state of Virginia, victims of workplace sexual harassment are required to report the incident(s) to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Virginia Office of Civil Rights typically within 180 days of the harassment occurring. In some cases, sexual harassment victims will have up to 300 days to report the harassment, however, it is always best to take action as soon as possible. Not only will doing so expedite the process and put an end to the harassment timely, but it will also ensure that you do not miss any critical deadlines.

How do I know if I have a valid claim?

Sexual harassment can come in many forms, such as repeated unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment, and at times, it can significantly impact an employee’s performance. This is unacceptable. If we can prove that you were sexually harassed in the workplace and nothing was done to stop it, you may have a claim against your employer, as sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as Virginia law.

If you have additional questions or you’ve been harassed in the workplace and need a compassionate, dedicated attorney you can trust, our firm is here to help. Give us a call or contact us online so we can listen to your story, determine whether you have a case, and from there, fight for a positive outcome on your behalf.


At Passero Employment Law, we understand it is difficult to confront problems in the workplace or face litigation. With that in mind, we take a solutions-oriented approach to our representation – focusing on the right process and the right solution for each of our clients. If you need help with an employment law matter in the state of Virginia, you can count on Passero Employment Law to effectively represent your interests. If you would like to discuss your matter, please contact Passero Employment Law today.

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