What Are the Most Common Types of Employment Agreements in VA?

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Oftentimes, we sign agreements without fully understanding them. It is important that you are familiar with the various employment agreements you will likely encounter in the course of your employment career. Continue reading, and give our experienced Chesterfield County employment attorney a call to learn more. Here are some questions you may have:

What is a non-disclosure agreement used for in Virginia?

This type of employment agreement is signed by an employee to prevent them from taking or otherwise sharing a company’s confidential information. Employees are generally instructed to sign this legal agreement when a company exposes a person to trade secrets and other confidential information. In certain circumstances, the outcomes for breaking a non-disclosure agreement are set forth in the agreement itself. However, there can be instances when an employee may be wrongfully accused of disobeying a non-disclosure agreement. Do not wait to reach out to our firm today if you are in this unfortunate situation. Our firm can also review your non-disclosure agreement before you choose to sign it. All you have to do is give us a call.

How does a severance agreement work?

In the event that a company lays off or terminates an employee, the company may offer the employee a severance package. This is an agreement that supplies the employee with a quantity of money in exchange for specific terms and conditions. Severance packages typically come with a number of different conditions, which is why it is important to recognize them all. While compensation is a great way for employees to have economic aid while they look for another job, they may no longer be permitted to take legal action against the company, say damaging things about the company, and more. For advice about your severance agreement, reach out to Passero Employment Law today.

Am I required to sign a non-compete agreement?

A non-compete agreement ensures that specific employees are unable to obtain employment in a substantially identical position for a competing company and use their prior place of employment’s confidential information or strategies against them. This is typically required for employees who are offered private company knowledge, for example, marketing strategies or trade secrets. However, there are some cases where non-compete agreements may be unfair or too broad in their scope. For instance, this may refer to an agreement that is too broad in terms of geographic location or too long in duration. Also, Virginia law bans non-compete agreements for lower-wage earners.

If you have questions or concerns about any sort of employment agreement in Virginia, or if you believe your rights have been violated, continue reading and give our firm a call today. Our firm is on your side no matter what you are facing.

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