What Constitutes a Hostile Work Environment, And How Can I Address It?

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If you are facing a hostile work environment, you need to do something to address it. Otherwise, the situation is just likely to get worse and worse. There are some steps that you can take to respond to these workplace issues, but if all else fails you may need the assistance of a lawyer. A Chesterfield County hostile work environment attorney from this firm would be happy to help you.

When is it Considered a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is one where an employee feels uncomfortable and intimidated due to the behaviors or actions of other employees, potentially including supervisors. A few comments here or there or a minor feud with a coworker do not make for a hostile work environment. However, a sustained pattern of behavior or harassment can be considered hostile.

If an employee makes a sexist or racist comment and gets reprimanded, that does not mean that you are in a hostile work environment. If an employee constantly makes comments regarding your race, sex, or another protected trait, then this could be considered hostile. If you have made it clear that the behavior is unwelcome and it continues, that needs to be addressed.

What Should I Do in Response to a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment can be draining and stressful. Putting a stop to the poor behavior of a coworker or multiple coworkers can be difficult, but it is worth the effort. First of all, document everything. Write down the days and times of incidents and keep copies of communications that are obviously hostile. You should be able to go to human resources with your evidence and report the problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes this does not actually solve the problem. Sometimes a hostile work environment can continue to be an issue even after an employee has been reported for their actions. This is when you may need to get an attorney involved.

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

Once you have reached out to the HR department and started your own paper trail, see if anything changes. If the behavior of your coworkers or bosses stays the same, then you need to contact an employment lawyer. An experienced employment lawyer can tell you what you should do next and if it is time to report your employer to the state or federal government.

Also, if you report the problem and immediately get fired, have your hours reduced, or experience some other form of punishment, then this law firm definitely wants to hear about it. Our employment attorney will stand by you and help you fight for a fair workplace.

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If you are ready to take on a hostile work environment and end these horrible conditions once and for all, contact Passero Employment Law. Our knowledgeable workplace discrimination lawyer is ready to help you hold those in power responsible for their poor behavior.

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