What Does Discrimination in the Hiring Process Look Like?

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When someone applies for a job, the last thing they expect is to be turned down for a role due to something they can’t control. That said, though discrimination in the workplace is far from uncommon, many people don’t realize just how common it is in the hiring process as well. If you believe you were recently denied a job as a result of discrimination, you should strongly consider reaching out to our seasoned Chesterfield County employment discrimination lawyer from Passero Employment Law to learn more about your legal options going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some examples of discrimination in the hiring process?

Unfortunately, there are various ways in which an employer may discriminate against certain employees during the hiring process. That said, you should understand that if you are discriminated against due to a protected characteristic, meaning you were denied a job or were asked certain questions unlawfully during the interviewing process, you may have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. Just some of the most common examples of questions that may qualify as discrimination during the hiring process that we see are as follows:

  • Asking questions about an interviewee’s age, religion, race, or national origin.
  • Rejecting applicants solely due to their race or ethnicity.
  • Using discriminatory language in job postings or descriptions, such as adding age requirements in a field where age is essentially irrelevant.
  • Rejecting applicants based on their accent or language abilities.
  • Rejecting applicants due to a disability or mention of needing certain reasonable accommodations.
  • Not hiring an employee because she is pregnant, or due to the possibility that she may become pregnant at some point.
  • Rejecting applicants or questioning them based on their religious attire in an interview.

What should I do if I was rejected for a job opportunity due to a protected characteristic?

If you believe you weren’t hired due to a protected characteristic, such as your age, gender, race, national origin, disability, or religion, you should strongly consider reaching out to a competent Virginia employment lawyer who can assess the circumstances of your job rejection and, from there, determine whether you may have a path to compensation.

Passero Employment Law has years of experience representing those who’ve been wrongfully discriminated against in the workplace, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you as well. Contact our firm today so you can tell us your story.

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