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As expected, employers and managers can often be faced with workplace disputes, litigation, and other potential claims.  If you are in this situation, do not wait to reach out to our skilled Midlothian employment attorney.

What are employer defenses and how can attorneys serve you? 

If an employer is encountering unwarranted or completely fabricated accusations from his or her employees, he or she deserves dedicated legal representation that can debunk those accusations and keep their reputation. Luckily, if you are an employer in this situation, you are in the right place. Passero Employment Law has years of experience supporting employers in a number of employment law conflicts, including the following:

  • Discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment complaints
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Wage & hour complaints
  • ADA defense

With that being said, you should keep in mind that our firm does more than litigation and dispute resolution. Our firm can also work with employers and managers to help them avoid disputes in the future. Some of these services include the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Human Resources and management training

Whether you are looking to protect your business from substantial legal damages, regulatory penalties, or a tarnished reputation, you can count on our firm to help. 

What is wage and hour litigation?

One of the many issues that our firm has experienced is protecting employers who are facing wage and hour disputes. Employers face a wide range of employment practice regulations. Our firm can defend small and large companies alike in a wide range of wage and hour disputes, including:

  • Misclassification of employees
  • Improper designation of workers as independent contractors
  • Failure to pay minimum wage or overtime
  • Improper calculation of wages for exempt or non-exempt employees
  • Disputes regarding overtime for sales employees

For multiple employers, an adverse finding in a wage and hour dispute can have far-reaching results. An individual lawsuit can lead to additional litigation, including class action litigation as groups of employees seek compensation. It is important to be assertive in establishing your position in any wage and hour dispute. If you are facing this situation, it is in your best interest to reach out to our firm today to discuss your options.


If you need help with an employment law matter in the state of Virginia, you can count on Passero Employment Law to effectively represent your interests. If you would like to discuss your matter, please contact Passero Employment Law today.

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