What Happens if I’m Accused of Violating an NDA in Virginia?

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When someone begins working at a new place of employment or otherwise takes on a new role within a company, they will often be asked to sign certain employment-related agreements. One of the most common types of employment agreements are non-disclosure agreements, also known as NDAs or confidentiality agreements. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Chesterfield County non-disclosure agreements attorney to learn more about what can happen if you are accused of violating an NDA and how our firm can help. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What is the purpose of an NDA?

The purpose of a non-disclosure agreement is to protect certain sensitive information owned by a company. This can include personal client information, trade secrets, marketing strategies, and intellectual property. Of course, all this is understandable, and if you were an employer, you’d want to ensure this information is kept secret as well. However, there are times when non-disclosure agreements are unfair towards employees in some way, or when employers wrongfully accuse employees of violating these agreements.

What are the penalties for violating an NDA in Virginia?

In most cases, non-disclosure agreements will state the potential penalties an employee can face for violating the terms of the agreement. Oftentimes, when an employer believes that his or her employee violated a non-disclosure agreement, they will file a lawsuit on the grounds of breach of contract. Rather obviously, if the employer wins, it can have significant implications for their employee. This is why any employee who finds themselves in this situation must not proceed without a component Midlothian employment attorney on their side. Our firm is dedicated to helping those who’ve been wrongly accused of violating the terms of their non-disclosure agreements fight for the justice they deserve. Give us a call today or contact us online so we can get started.


At Passero Employment Law, we understand it is difficult to confront problems in the workplace or face litigation. With that in mind, we take a solutions-oriented approach to our representation – focusing on the right process and the right solution for each of our clients. If you need help with an employment law matter in the state of Virginia, you can count on Passero Employment Law to effectively represent your interests. If you would like to discuss your matter, please contact Passero Employment Law today.

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