What Should I Have For My Initial Consultation With an Employment Lawyer?

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An initial consultation with an employment lawyer is important. You need to prepare so that you can show the consulting attorney that you actually might have a case here. When the Midlothian employment attorney from our firm meets with prospective clients, there are certain things he will want to hear or, if appropriate, see.

What Kind of Paperwork Do I Need?

If you select a document review consultation, our employment lawyer wants to see evidence of wrongdoing on your employer’s part and anything that shows what you did after you were fired or forced to quit if that is applicable. To get more specific, some things you might want to bring to your first meeting are:

  • Any emails or text messages that relate to your claims
  • Appraisals of job performance
  • A timeline of events relating to your claim against your employer

When taken together, this documentation can help paint a more complete picture of the relationship between you and your employer. There may be more documents that your employment lawyer will ask about in future meetings, but this is a good place to start for most prospective clients.

How Can a Timeline Help?

Having a chronological list of events can help make things a lot clearer. When did the harassment start? Who witnessed it? Was there a complaint filed? When was it filed?

All of these things can help your lawyer establish a timeline and learn more about just how pervasive the problems in your workplace were. As an example, if your timeline shows that your employer was aware of the problem and the behavior still continued, that can be big.

What Happens During My Consultation With an Employment Lawyer?

When you meet with an employment lawyer, they are evaluating you and your case. They want to know if an employer was actually in violation of the law here. There is not much that they can do for you if no laws were actually broken.

In this initial meeting, an employment lawyer can also see how well-documented the employer’s offense is. If you have incriminating texts, eyewitnesses who will speak for you, and other evidence, this can encourage an attorney to take on a case and help you. If you just have a story and none of the paperwork mentioned above, the lawyer might tell you honestly that it would be hard to win a case.

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If you believe that you were wronged by your employer in any way, Passero Employment Law might be able to help. Schedule your initial consultation today. Our attorney can help you learn more about your legal options.

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