What Should You Do If You Suspect Wage Theft by Your Employer?

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You work hard for your money, so you obviously want to be sure that you are getting all of the money you worked for at the end of each work week. If your employer does not pay you properly, that is wage theft and you may have some legal options. A Chesterfield County wage & hour law attorney can look at your situation and help you make things right if your employer is stealing from you.

What Can Be Considered Wage Theft?

Wage theft seems like a simple enough concept, but it can actually come in many forms. What it essentially boils down to is that your employer owes you money for work that you have done and they have not paid you that money. Employers can do this in a few ways. They may:

  • Neglect to pay you for preparation time
  • Fail to pay overtime if you worked more than 40 hours in a week
  • Not pay the minimum wage
  • Pay the state minimum wage when your city or county actually has a higher minimum wage
  • Not pay you at all

No one wants to work without getting paid. It is also important to note how much of a difference rules about overtime and wages can make. If you are an employee who is eligible for overtime pay, that pay is one and a half times your normal hourly rate. Going from $10 per hour to $15 or $20 per hour to $30 can make a big difference.

What Should Be My First Steps When I Suspect Wage Theft?

If you get your paycheck and things do not seem to add up, you need to start documenting everything. Keep all of your paystubs and keep careful track of how much you are working and when. If it still looks like you are not getting paid the proper amount, you need to take action.

Now sometimes there is just a simple mistake being made. Old software that doesn’t reflect a recent change in wage or hour laws could be a problem, or maybe a minor paperwork error stands in the way of you getting paid properly.

Should I Report My Employer?

Your employer should fix these wage-related errors when it is brought to their attention. If they do not work with you to find a solution, then you should report them to the state’s Department of Labor & Industry. This could lead to a mediation session with your employer or an investigation to hold your employer accountable. If they still refuse to pay up, you may need to go to court.

An employment lawyer can help you fight for your stolen wages and hold your employer accountable. You could recover all of your lost wages plus interest. Recent changes to state laws could also allow you to collect additional damages.

Meet With an Experienced Employment Lawyer

If you suspect that your employer has violated any state or federal laws, you need to hold them accountable. Contact Passero Employment Law and schedule a consultation. An employment lawyer is ready to tell you more about your options and what he can do to help you address this situation.

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