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Before taking a job or signing any sort of contract related to your employment, you should consider hiring a Chesterfield County employment agreement attorney who has knowledge of the various types of employment agreements offered to employees in the state of Virginia. Contact Passero Employment Law today to learn more about employment agreements and how our firm can assist you.

Chesterfield County Employment Agreement Attorney | Assisting Employees Throughout Virginia

Whether you are just about to start working at a new place of employment or your current employer is asking you to sign a new contract, you should consider hiring a knowledgeable Midlothian employment attorney who can help you understand what you are getting into before signing. There are various complexities often associated with employment agreements and our firm can help you analyze the terms of the agreement being offered before you sign it.

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Mark Passero has experience helping clients navigate the complexities associated with a wide array of employment agreements, including the following:

  • Non-Compete Agreements: A non-compete agreement is a type of legal document that employers often ask their employees to sign before hiring them. In many cases, this document is fair and is offered in good faith. Essentially, a non-compete agreement makes it so certain employees who are privy to private company information, such as marketing strategies, cannot obtain employment in a substantially similar position for a competing company and use their previous company’s private information or strategies against them. That being said, in certain cases, non-compete agreements may be unfair or too broad in their scope. For example, the agreement may be too broad in terms of geographic location or too long in their duration.
  • Severance Agreements: In many cases, when a company lays an employee off, they may offer the employee a severance package. You should understand, however, that severance packages may come with many conditions. In most cases, a severance agreement will provide an employee with a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time (a month, two months, etc.) in exchange for the employee’s promise that they will comply with the terms of the severance agreement. Though the compensation provided through a severance agreement is a great way for an employee to have a financial nest egg while they search for another job, after signing a severance agreement, they may also no longer be allowed to take legal action against the company, say negative things about the company, and more.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: A non-disclosure agreement is essentially a contract that an employee will sign that prevents them from discussing or otherwise sharing a company’s confidential information. Oftentimes, when a company entrusts an individual with trade secrets and other private information, they will require that individual to sign such an agreement to keep this information private. In some cases, the repercussions for violating a non-disclosure agreement are included in the agreement itself. That being said, if you’ve been wrongfully accused of violating a non-disclosure agreement, or you simply need an attorney to analyze the agreement before signing, our firm can help.
  • Additional Employment Agreements: Passero Employment Law can help you navigate a wide array of additional employment agreements. Employment agreements can include information regarding company policies, your compensation, the duration of your employment, terms and conditions of your position, and more.

Mark J. Passero, Esq.

Mark Passero prides himself in seeing clients as far more than just clients. Mark understands that clients are people with pressing legal issues and they are trusting him to educate them and fight on their behalf. Of course, any given outcome is never guaranteed.  However, Mark will provide his clients with candid, straightforward legal advice.

Mark recognizes that honesty is the cornerstone of any relationship, and he applies this philosophy to attorney-client relationships as well. The bottom line is that if you are faced with a critical employment-related document or contract, we are here to help.

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Contact Mark J. Passero, Esq. of Passero Employment Law today so our firm can analyze your contract and help you navigate your options going forward.

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