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If you are a prospective or current employee who is being asked to sign an employment agreement of any kind, you should consider speaking with a knowledgeable Chesterfield County employment agreements attorney. Our firm is here to help. Contact Passero Employment Law today.

Do I Need a Chesterfield County Employment Agreements Attorney?

Employment agreements have many different provisions, which is why if you are being asked to sign such an agreement, it may be helpful to have an attorney review the agreement.  You can hire an experienced Midlothian employment attorney who can analyze the agreement and help to determine whether it is fair, and inform you of any implications signing such an agreement may have on your life.

Virginia is an Employment-At-Will State

Virginia is an “employment-at-will” state. This means that in the state of Virginia, your employer may terminate your position for any reason or no reason at all. As you can imagine, this makes it difficult for employees to win wrongful termination and other employment-related cases against their employers.

That being said, you should understand that employees are still protected from discrimination and wrongful termination under both state and federal law.  In addition, if you have an employment agreement for a defined term, your employment may only be terminated based on certain reasons (or notice provisions) explained in the employment agreement. The bottom line is that you are afforded certain rights, and oftentimes, these rights are addressed in one of the many different employment agreements you will be asked to sign. When an employer violates the terms of one of these agreements, you may have a case against your employer.

What’s Included in Employment Agreements?

Employment agreements can include various provisions regarding the terms of your employment. They may address certain rules you must follow while employed, and at times, they may even establish certain rules you are legally bound to follow after you leave your position as well. Some of the most common provisions included in employment agreements are as follows:

  • Company rules/policies
  • The predetermined duration of your employment
  • Non-compete clauses or non-disclosure agreements
  • Information about a potential severance package
  • Information regarding the potential benefits your job may offer
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Circumstances in which the company can terminate your employment
  • All other terms of your employment

Contact a Chesterfield County Employment Agreements Attorney

Before signing any sort of employment agreement, you may want to speak with a knowledgeable Chesterfield County employment agreements attorney who can provide you with guidance. Our firm is on your side. Contact Passero Employment Law today so we can get started.

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