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Oftentimes, when employers lay off employees, they will provide them with severance packages–for several reasons. However, these agreements are often more complicated than you may think, which is why it may be helpful to speak with a knowledgeable Chesterfield County severance agreements attorney. Contact Passero Employment Law today to learn more about severance agreements in Virginia and how our firm can help you.

Do I Need a Chesterfield County Severance Agreements Attorney?

Severance agreements generally involve giving an employee a certain amount of compensation after laying them off so that the employee can have a financial cushion as he or she looks for a new job. That being said, these agreements are not “free,” as they generally come with various stipulations regarding what you can, and cannot do, after your job is terminated. For this very reason, you should consider retaining the services of an experienced Midlothian employment attorney who can work to help negotiate your severance agreement or otherwise provide you guidance regarding your agreement.

Frequently Included Provisions in Severance Agreements

Some of the most commonly included provisions in severance agreements are as follows:

  • Non-compete clause: This may state that you may not accept a position in the future with a direct competitor of your former employer for a predetermined period of time.
  • Non-disparagement clause: A non-disparagement clause typically states that you cannot speak ill about your former employer. If you are caught doing so after signing such a clause, you may face legal penalties.
  • Non-disclosure or confidentiality clause: This states that you may not share or otherwise use any confidential information you obtained from your former company.
  • A release of legal claims: This makes it so you can no longer file any type of legal claim, such as a wrongful termination claim, against your employer.
  • Non-solicitation clause: This essentially states that you may not hire or otherwise recruit co-workers from your former company for a certain period of time.

Contact a Chesterfield County Severance Agreements Attorney

As you can see, severance agreements involve far more than simply giving an employee compensation after laying him or her off, which is why if you’ve been offered a severance package or need assistance negotiating your severance agreement, you can Contact Passero Employment Law.

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