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FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act, is a federal law that gives certain qualifying employees the right to 12 weeks off of work to care for a family member or their own medical condition, if need be. Unfortunately, there are times where employers will wrongfully deny their employees the FMLA benefits to which they are entitled, and if this has happened to you, you should consider speaking with a knowledgeable Chesterfield County FMLA attorney today. Our firm is here to help. Contact Passero Employment Law today to learn more about the FMLA and how our firm can assist you.

Do I Need a Chesterfield County FMLA Attorney?

The Family Medical Leave Act is an extremely important piece of federal legislation that allows qualifying employees to take the time to care for themselves and their loved ones while keeping their jobs. If you believe your rights under the FMLA were denied, you should consider speaking with a knowledgeable Midlothian employment attorney.

Qualifying for the FMLA

You should first understand that not all employees qualify for FMLA benefits. To start, only employees who work for an employer for more than 1,250 hours in the last 12 months likely qualify. The employer must also have at least 50 employees within a 75-mile radius of the location where the employee works for that employee to qualify. If you meet the qualifications under the law, you may be entitled to medical leave, or leave to care for a loved one, such as a relative, a newborn, or a newly adopted child.

Benefits Covered Under the FMLA

As previously stated, those who qualify under the FMLA should receive up to 12 weeks of medical leave to care for themselves or a loved one. Additionally, they should also be guaranteed a spot at the same company upon returning. The position they hold after returning should either be the same position or a significantly similar one. That being said, your employer is not required to pay you during your medical leave, though many employers do choose to pay their employees during this time. If you were denied your position upon returning after your medical leave, you may have a case against your employer.

Contact a Chesterfield County FMLA Attorney

For any additional questions regarding the FMLA, or if you believe you have a case against your employer, please do not hesitate to contact Passero Employment Law.

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