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Whistleblowers are essential to a safe and functional workplace, and if you are someone who reported an injustice you witnessed and your employer retaliated against you for it, you should consider speaking with an experienced Chesterfield County worker retaliation attorney who can fight for your rights.. Contact our firm today so you can tell us your story.

Should I Hire a Chesterfield County Worker Retaliation Attorney?

Employees in Virginia are protected by numerous laws, including laws protecting them from discrimination, both under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the Virginia Human Rights Act.  In addition, Virginia has established a laws that protects employees from retaliation for reporting illegal activity in the workplace.  If you either witnessed a form of discrimination or other illegal activity, or an act of discrimination was done unto you and you reported the incident, you are protected from retaliation. If you were retaliated against because you reported discrimination or another act of wrongdoing on the part of your company, you may have a claim against your employer. Our Midlothian employment attorney has experience handling retaliation cases.

Common Forms of Worker Retaliation

There are a variety of ways in which employers may retaliate against their employees for reporting an act of discrimination or misconduct. Unfortunately, oftentimes, those actions of retaliation can cost an individual his or her job, or result in other very serious penalties that can affect someone for years to come. Some of the most common ways in which employers will retaliate against their workers are as follows:

  • Demotions
  • Pay decrease
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination

If you believe that you experienced any of the aforementioned acts of retaliation simply for reporting misconduct within your company, you may have claim against your employer. Our firm is ready to fight on your behalf.

Contact a Chesterfield County Worker Retaliation Attorney

The bottom line is that no one should ever be punished for doing the right thing.  Contact Passero Employment Law today to schedule your initial consultation.

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